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What can the host YMCA expect?

  • An open mind and a willingness to learn and apppreciate another culture / new situation.
  • Motivation to undertake the agreed tasks.
  • A sharing of the volunteer's skills and talents.
  • Time, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Commitment to the YMCA and  its' local community.
  • A window to Europe - without travelling themselves, YMCAs can experience European culture/young people/new programme ideas and YMCA work elsewhere.
  • Support from the YMCA Europe "VfE" Programme Group and its network of National Co-ordinators to develop aspects of international volunteering, good practice maunuals, checklists, contact to other hosts/volunteers, etc.
  • Financial assistance from the EU if accepted as Hosting/Sending Organisation within the EVS (European Voluntary Service) Programme.
  • Training support from the YMCA Europe "VfE" Programme Group.
  • Detailed application material for the volunteers.