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About YMCA Volunteers for Europe Exchange

VfE Seminar 2004 in Dresden, Germany

YMCA Volunteers for Europe (VfE) is the volunteer exchange programme of the YMCA Europe.

It utilizes the existing network of YMCAs across Europe to offer a diverse range of placement options (fields of work) in a variety of settings and environments, but all within the context of one "YMCA Movement".

The programme aims to match voluteers with hosting YMCAs in a mutually beneficial partnership. A placement can last from 6 to 12 months. Options for financial arrangements are nutually agreed between the host YMCA and the volunteer and can range from the volunteer paying all costs to placements that receive 100% funding through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) scheme of the European Union.

VfE is an opportunity for individual personal development to take place within a life changing experience.

The European Alliance of YMCAs with its seat in Prague, Czech Republic, consists of 33 YMCA Member Movements and 7 Cooperating YMCA Movements.
YMCA Europe has about 6800 local associations, over 2.3 million programme participants and around 8500 professionals.

YMCA Europe works from Azores in the West to Novosibirsk in the East, covering 7 time zones, and from Malta in the South to Polar Circle in the North.

General information about the Volunteers for Europe exchange programme is also available in a leaflet (doc).

In our online market place applications and hosting placements can be listed by VfE National coordinators.