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VfE is not a way of cheap holidays or travelling to foreign countries just for fun.

A volunteer must be prepared to maek a significant contribution to the life of the Hosting Movement.

On the other hand, a volunteer is not "cheap labour" for the Hosting Movement. Hosting a volunteer means a real effort and a sacrifice (of time and money) of the Hosting Movement.

Three important hints:


  1. It is the Hosting Movement's responsibility to take care of the volunteer during his/her stay in the country. A continuing counselling and stable and personal accompaniment - through the Local Supervisor, the Boss at work and the Host Family (if any) - during the volunteer's stay in the host country is indispensable.
  2. With the decision to live in a different country, the Volunteer has also decided to acceppt customs and people that are different to what he/she is used to. Be aware that your are now an additional member in your host family/your work place and you should try to adapt to their customs.
  3. It is important that the volunteer and the Hosting Movement regularly meet with the Local Supervisor to speak out in openness, exchange feed-back, evaluate the activities together and plan the next steps.