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Financal Aspects

VfE are voluntary exchange programmes. They are based on board and lodging, travel, course fees and modest pocket money (according to the level in the Hosting country).
The financial situation of Volunteers and Hosting YMCAs differ very much from one situation to another, under VfE several Finance Options of how to share costs are offered. This includes Options in which one or the other side pays all the occurring costs. Volunteer and Hosting YMCA have to agree on one Option. A proposal is made by the European Alliance when sending out a Placement Proposal; it is based on the ?Volunteer Application? and the ?Hosting YMCA application?.
In extreme cases ? which we in principle try to avoid, this may even lead to situations where two Volunteers live in the same Hosting YMCA but under different Finance Options because they come from different backgrounds. This must be accepted by the Volunteers.

For more detailed information about financial matters, we refer to the comments on questions 34 and 35 here below, as well as to the ?VfE Finance Options? (see below this page).

If possible Sending and Hosting Movements may have special funding options for a placement through the EU Youth programme ?European Voluntary Service? (EVS). This would mean that most of all costs are provided by EVS.

The European Alliance does not charge any administrative fees for VfE placements. It is, however, left up to the National YMCA movements to decide whether and whom they want to charge own administrative fees and how high these are. Please contact your National VfE Coordinator in case you do not know whether or what kind of administrative fees you may have to pay.

VfE Finance Options