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YMCA Europe

The YMCA Europe is the facilitator of the VfE-programme.

Since 2002 the so called YMCA Europe VfE programme group took over this responsibilty.

The remit of this group is:


Also the VfE programme group is organising seminars for national VfE co-ordinators and responsibles from Hosting Movements on european level:

  • 2002: YMCA VfE contact making seminar (at YMCA Lakeside, England)
  • 2004: YMCA VfE contact making seminar (at YMCA Jugendschiff, Dresden, Germany)
  • 2005: YMCA VfE contact making seminar (at EAY training centre, Litomysl, Czech Republic)
  • 2008: YMCA VfE partnership building activitity (at CVJM/YMCA Westbund, Wuppertal, Germany)