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Countdown of a YMCA VfE-Exchange

  1. Read the Application Guide!
  2. Fill in the VfE application form - if possible by PC
    There are 2 seperate forms for Volunteers and Hosting Movements, consisting of 4 pages
  3. Send your application form to your national VfE Co-ordinator
  4. Call your VfE Co-ordinator to arrange for the interview (Volunteers) or his/her visit to your YMCA (Hosting Movement)
  5. As soon as your application and the interview report are with the VfE Co-ordinator, your application is complete and
  6. will be placed on the EAY VfE Market Place (short version).
    It will also sent around to all national VfE Co-ordinators, YMCA National Movements and Hosting Movements.
  7. Now starts the active search. It should happen in close cooperation between yourself and the VfE Co-ordinator.
  8. The full application forms are available for national VfE Co-ordinators in the "members only" area of this website.
  9. When a possible partner is identified, you - supported by your VfE Co-ordinator - discuss  and arrange all the technical details (fields of work, dates of exchange, finances - pocket money, bank account-, insurances, working permission, language course, housing/host family, holidays, etc.) with each other.
  10. Once an agreement has been reached, it is recommended to fix it in writing. For this purpose it is recommended to use the form "Agreement for a VfE Placement".
  11. The national VfE Co-ordinator will delete your application from the Market Place as soon as the agreement is fixed.
  12. Your VfE Co-ordinator will organize your participation in a preparatory Course before you leave for your Placement.
  13. Your Hosting Movement will organize a introduction and language course for you.
  14. During the exchange, a good accompaniment and counselling of the volunteer and the Hosting Movement are vital. There must be people to whom the volunteer and the Hosting Movement can relate and with whom they can speak about there experiences, difficulties, joys and challenges. It is important that the volunteer and the Hosting Movement periodically meet with the Local Supervisor to evaluate together the activities, exchange feedbacks and plan the next steps.
  15. The following persons assume special responsibility:

    • the Local Supervisor/Mentor
    • the Volunteer's Boss at work
    • the Host Family or someone else at the living place
    • the VfE Co-ordinator of the Hosting Movement
    • the VfE Co-ordinator of the Sending Movement

  16. In the case of problems, dissatisfaction or a crisis during the placement, please contact your VfE Co-ordinator.
  17. The Hosting Movement will organize your participation in a Mid-term course.
  18. After the placement you may attend a evaluation course organized by your VfE Co-ordinator. It is expected by you to write a final evaluation report to your VfE Co-ordinator. (Some extracts of feedbacks may be published on this website)
  19. If you wish (please let your VfE Co-ordinator know), you can receive an official certificate confirming your VfE-exchange.